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Monday, January 6, 2014

Save NC College Students Food - Email to Governor Pat McCrory

Governor McCrory,

I believe taxing college students meal plans is a poor decision and a reflection of the attitude that the role of Government which is to figure out more ways to abuse and tax the public. I am a senior at East Carolina University. Fortunately this does not affect because I am able to finish my degree off-campus through distance education, but I am concerned with the concept of taxing a program whose partial revenue comes from taxation itself. Many student's meal plans are funded through scholarships and grants, especially the Pell Grants, in where this is a fund developed from taxation. So in essence we are taxing a tax. Students will now have 7% less to eat each semester because they are having to be taxed to eat. Students will now increase the tax coffers at the expense of a cheeseburger, slice of pizza, or a salad many times by the end of a semester. It is a shame that politicians only look at the revenue stream instead of the real consequences of slighting a student of a meal. I am very disappointed in this legislation and your approval of it.

Kind Regards,

Paul Michael Owens

ECU Student

Person County Resident

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Letter to Senator Hagan about Taxes and Economic Integrity

Dear Senator Hagan,

I am writing about Taxation and Economic Integrity. Taxation is probably the most unfavorable part of citizenry, but I do understand that everyone must pay their fair share if they want government to provide services. What I do not agree with is the “Cancellation of Debt” as income tax. I have been dealing with the IRS for two letters now about a company that has filed a 1099-C form that has been applied to my IRS account. I have no knowledge of this company or the debt, in which I am handling this with the IRS. The point that this brings up is the fact that this is even an available option for the IRS to make a claim on a person’s income because of a cancellation of debt. Debt is the Antithesis of Income. The income from a debt transaction is the interest and fees made off the principal of the loan or granted credit for the creditor. There is no “income” for the recipient of the loan or granted credit, because they have to pay it all back plus interest and fees. Even if we were trying to drill down to the root of the issue, the receipt gains money only of the amount that would be the principal if the loan or credit was never repaid. For example a $500 limit credit card a person ran up to the limit only gave the person $500. But, the creditor’s interest and fees can balloon this $500 amount quickly and easily as to generate income for itself. Compound the interest and fees with the selling of debt through multiple collection agencies and that $500 is now easily $2000. The final company files losses on their tax report as well as submit this $2000 as a “Cancellation of Debt” to the IRS. How is this final amount a representation of income when it does not reflect real money gained or earned? This money was not earned, it was forgiven and the debt was cancelled. Only on the IRS Publication 4681, is there any correlation to Debt being income. How can this simple inference that John cancelled $600 of debt for Mary’s $1000, that Mary suddenly had $600 as income? This is a poor observation and a misleading diagnosis. It is a false statement that is solely made true only because it appears as letters and words on a Federal Document. A cancellation of debt is not income. This is just another demonstration of the mockery that presents itself as the IRS. Rules and regulations such as this continue to reflect poorly on the Congress who are either unwilling or too inept to correct such erroneous rules and regulations that reside within the Tax Code. Most of the reason that we are in such trying economic times is because of the lack of fortitude in Congress as well as negligent laws including the allowing of the sale of debt from company to company until one company files bankruptcy or gets bailed out by the government, ie: AIG. Writing legislation is not hard; getting legislation passed is the complicated part. We should at least see attempts from our representatives making an effort to correct erroneous rules and regulations that have been molded in favor for financial entities. Financial entities have caused enough economic challenges for America at large and need to be reigned in. This will take leadership and fortitude to take on the financial sector in which most Congressional representatives cannot demonstrate. Good Luck in your future endeavors and I hope to see positive legislation coming from your office.

Kind Regards,

Paul Michael Owens

Monday, March 11, 2013

Letter to Senator Burr about Exempt Labor Rules

Senator Burr,

Thank you for your service for North Carolina. I appreciate the time that you take to speak to the public in different venues. I am writing in regards to the inconsistencies that are in the Fair Labor Standards Act specifically Section 13(a)(1), which designates an exact minimum salary an employer is allowed to make an employee an exempt employee and the exceptions put forth in this section. It specifies a minimum of $455 a week, which is less than $22,000 a year or around $11.38 an hour. In the computer section, the hourly rate is $27.63 an hour which is about $1105 a week, which equals a bit over $57,000 a year. In North Carolina being an exempt employee plays into the "Right to Work" state mantra in where an employee must complete all tasks required of the job regardless of hours required. What is lost in this low number of $455 a week is the value an employer can place on a position that otherwise should be a non-exempt position, other than the fact that the capability has been given by the Federal Labor laws to designate a position as exempt with such a low wage. The value of an being an exempt employee needs to be increased to a minimum of at least $50,000 a year or $962 a week. It would be a great change that could be offered from your office during this time of wage debate in which the President wants to increase the minimum wage to $9 an hour. This would change the ability to pay someone a minimum of $22,000 a year and potentially work them an amount of hours that could be the equivalent of less than minimum wage solely because they are an exempt employee. This would be an easy change in legislation as it only affects a few lines which a number adjustment. I look forward to hearing from you or seeing this type of legislation come from your office.

Kind Regards,

Paul Michael Owens

Friday, February 15, 2013

Why is the Globe Warming?

The sun is why the globe is warming.

Take a look at Element Number 1 on the periodic table.

Take a look at the only place fusion works.

Stop the excessive taxation on the global public.

2013 figures:

[NASA Annual Budget : $18 Billion]

[Defense Budget : $716 Billion]

[United States Population : 312 Million (approx.)]

[Global Population: 7 Billion (approx.)]

[Global Population on less than $2.50 a day: 3 billion (~50%)]

[Global Population on less than $10.00 a day: 6 billion (~80%)]

How much are YOU worth a day?

Stop Fighting, Support Diplomacy, Support Science!

Remarkable footage of the sun:

PS - It took me 7 times to see myself in this picture. Do you see yourself? You are there.

Good job NASA!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

George Lucas - $4 Billion Dollar Retirement

May the force be with you... may the force be m'f'n with you George. That's how you retire. And on a fresh note... Star Wars Episode VII... VIII... IX............... and the endless Disney writing schemes..

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Merrill, Gracie, and God

Merrill puts his heart and his love for Gracie and God for everyone to see. Everyone should see and feel the Love. God is Love. When I first saw this, I was like.. what 8 minutes, and then next thing I knew.... I felt the power of love through Merrill and wanted more time. Watch it. Love. Don't forget to tell the people you love, that you love them. It is important.