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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TradeWars Returns!

For those of you who have played tradewars, you can understand the addiction rating of this game. A simple text based game, with some ANSI features. Your goal is to build you planets and buy things through obtaining money by trade. For those who are looking to play this type of game, I found a great location that is FREE!

Follow these steps to play: Download GATH, from the GOFF website : http://www.goffconcepts.com/products/windows/gath/index.html

Download the trial... even though it says trial, you can do all you need... Trade, Colonize, and create your own scripts.

You will be asked to connect, the location : twgs.laketravisbum.com port:23

Connect, logon, play!

You can join my corp, i'm in game "G", and i'll help you get started.

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