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Thursday, November 25, 2010

2011 Duke Basketball starts STRONG!

Duke Basketball is ranked #1 and deservedly so. They have started (5-0), and have played a #4 ranked team within these games. They definitely have some areas that need improvement such as rebounding, but overall they are starting strong. Even Dickie V says they are more talented than last year, in which I totally agree. While most teams are relying on a few stars on their starting lineup, Duke is pulling stars off the bench like Andre Dawkins and Seth Curry. Kyrie Irving has proved that he is definitely the top Freshman coming into the college arena. Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith are also showing their leadership already with strong games. Mason Plumlee is very very strong on the inside. Ryan Kelly, the Raleigh native, is showing his flair and playing hard already. All we need is Miles Plumlee to step up his game, and our inside game is extremely deep. Hairston looks good, and Thornton looks good as well. This is an overall exciting season to watch. If anyone has a chance to repeat back to back National Championships it is Duke. The threats keep on coming with the new recruitment class for next year with Marshall Plumlee and Austin Rivers joining the squad. When you are successful as Duke everyone has a target on your back, and each game is treated like a National Championship. Hopefully this year no one will get to celebrate on the court like last year. Keep the hate coming folks as Duke keeps racking up the "W"'s... Coach K is the best of the best.



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