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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Response to Brad Miller's Response to HealthCare

Dear Congressman Miller,

I appreciate the candor of your recent response to the Health Care issue at hand. I also appreciate the dilligence of your duty in your position. The only thing I wish you would pay attention to is the intentional encroachment of the federal position. I would like to qualify my remarks by stating that I have read the proposed HR 3200 and listened to hours, five plus, of this debate. Which I know the debate is continuing. Like the Constitution, Bills are living documents that are subjected to amendments. What I must impress on your Congressman Miller, is that this bills focus is to redirect financial compensation from the private sector to the government sector. Is this a concept that is hard to understand? I have questioned this to the media, and they "Have never thought of it that way." Are we trying to redirect money to the government or trying to really care about the health of all American's? I believe the health care bill under the salesmanship of the government is trying to coerce people to believe in something most congressman aren't even aware of. John Conyers admitted to the public that he can't understand 1000 page bills. We have an elite society, which includes 1.2% that makes more than $350,000, according to YOUR figures. So the rest of us that make all the money for the elite are busting our butts to make money for these people and you want to sit up there and tell a story about your grandma when 98.8% of American's make less than 350,000 which includes the 47 million who can't get healthcare because of the cost.That means that 3.3 million people make more than $350,000 dollars in America. Is it fair to make 3.3 million people bear the burden of 326.7 million people? You better believe it if those people made those 3.3 million people's wealth. The biggest problem I have with the bill is the forceful nature of it. If you do not comply you will be taxed immensely. $1000 a day if you are an individual if you are uninsured. $10000 a day if you are an employer. What decision would you make if you were faced with these fines. I think you are a bright man Congressman Miller. The problem you have is that you represent a bunch of bright people as well, and they can see through this forcing legislation down people's throats. Think before you speak, and think before you support legislation that is really a mask of an agenda that is way above your head. If we want to help people's health all we need to do merge Medicaid and Medicare and take out the stupid red tape and make everyone that makes under $350000 eligible with no preconditions. Problem Solved. It is that easy. You government officials just try to create so much red tape on purpose that causes real issues that need to be addressed immediately hard to deal with because if it is not complex it is not good. Stop with the BS and get with the real American Agenda of helping one another, treating your neighbors correctly, engaging in real conversations. The real reason that there is so much drama behind this health care reform is that 1.2% of America is trying to make the 98.8% of America comply with their wishes. Trust me, you need a larger majority.


Paul Michael Owens

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