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Friday, July 23, 2010

Send your name to Mars on the New Curiosity Rover!

CLICK HERE to Sign Your Name onto a microchip to go on the next new Mars Rover Curiosity which is scheduled to launch in November of 2011. They are tracking where the signatures come from and North Carolina falls 15th only 20 behind Maryland. With only 6302 participants from North Carolina, there is a total of about 780,000 total participants worldwide, with the US providing over 300,000 of those participants. I wonder if this rover is going to make any effort to save Spirit??

This is a picture from NASA, which shows Spirit just getting out of his landing device. Spirit has been stuck on Mars for a many SOL and has been without communication since March 2010. It is stuck in "Troy" which is the crater in which Spirit cannot get out of because the terra beneath Spirit's 6 motor wheels gave way like a sand dune, but it is so deep the Rover cannot get back out of it. This thing 5 feet tall, 7 feet wide, and 5 feet long, its not small at all. It has now lost all power and has been silent for good while. Perhaps they will send their new Rover Curiosity to retrieve it or maybe attempt to pull it out of crater somehow and power it up. I guess it is better we learn about things such as perhaps a human could get stuck in a location like that, and how better to get out of situations like that.

So, I guess now someone should get some sort of prize for being the first person to bring back this microchip, as long as their name is on the chip!

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