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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Email Response to John Locke Foundation's comments on Occupy Raleigh

(John Locke -- Library of Congress)

WTVD 11 an ABC Affiliate covered the Occupy Raleigh "protest" and received some concerning comments from the John Locke Foundation representative Mr. Kokai who basically states the protesters right to free speech ends when it costs taxpayers money. Read the article here: CLICK HERE!

This is the obvious skewed government vision coming from an organization that believes in "Limited Constitutional Government".

In response to this obvious "unconstitutional" statement, I sent the following email to the JLF:

To The John Locke Foundation,

Per your Vision:

The John Locke Foundation envisions a North Carolina of responsible citizens, strong families, and successful communities committed to individual liberty and limited, constitutional government.

How does Mr. Kokai's comments to WTVD11 align with a constitutional government? His comments are supporting the imposed police state from a perspective that extra police are needed to monitor a peaceful assembly. I see no support for the peaceful assembly which is a "constitutional" right. I see no opposition to the required "permits" for peaceful assemblies, which are unconstitutional.

This demonstration of your foundation values by Mr. Kokai's statements opens the door to your true mission of further government powers separating them from its citizenry creating a form of despotism.

These types of comments coming from your organization also shows the validity of your organization because Mr. Kokai's statements are the antithesis of a constitutional government.

Government in its current state is currently an organization full of corruption and excessive spending, this is part of the problem that is being protested against.

Fulfill your vision and backtrack Mr. Kokai's comments.

Kind Regards,

Paul Michael Owens

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