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Liberty's Watch
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Letter to Senator Pryor about Computer Spyware

Senator Pryor,
Thank you for providing a method of communication for people who do not live in your state. I believe that your bill is based on good purposes. I also believe that you will take into consideration the panel that provided you with good information during the Computer Spyware hearing held on June 11, 2008. This issue needs to be addressed immediately. I am a registered CCR, and I am disappointed in the fact that I am contacted by third-party institutions with direct relations to this CCR resgistration. These institutions offer me services that will "garuntee selection" in government bids. The only way they can obtain this information to contact me on this basis is by obtaining information from a government website, that is supposed to be secure. This is an obviously failure in security by the government. Whether this information is sold for profit by the government, or obtained illegally by the third-party still represents the lack of security still self-apparent in the system. of registering with the government. If you cannot protect the systems that you rely on, how do you expect to protect the system of the average user? I think that legislation that specifically controls the abilities to "do or not do" will not be sufficient. I believe one of your panelists made several references to prior bills, that just need to be enforced, that state many good privacy concerns. Many states maintain a specific set of computer related statutes that specifically define the art of computer trespass. This is what Spyware is, a trespass onto a system that does not belong to the trespasser. Giving the software companies any control over any computer other than the ones that they own should be a direct violation to the Constitution of the United States. If you installed a speaker in your automobile, and your automobile manufacturer did not like it, would it be ok for your automobile manufacturer to diasble your vehicle until you uninstalled that product? These are the easy generic analogies that you should be considering when attempting to legislate on this issue. Sidenote, please educate Senator Nelson on what a toolbar and link are. I agree that child pornography should be heavily prosecuted, and be made non-existant. This can be accomplished with bills forcing Internet Service Providers to reveal their clients. They should not be allowed to investigate this themselves. If anything this is what you should be pushing for. Thank you for your time.

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