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Liberty's Watch
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Time Warner intiates Internet Control - Letter to TimeWarner

Dear TimeWarner,

It’s very interesting how your company is attempting to “change the game”. To get yourself out of the “oversubscription” dilemma, you are going to charge for the actual traffic used on the line. I find it amusing that you haven’t been caught and charged for fraud in your attempt to get as much money from your customers by selling them bandwidth that wouldn’t be there if everyone were using the line that you have assigned them. Perhaps if you invested more into your infrastructure, there would not be the issue of people using the bandwidth ascribed to the account. If you have a client using a 10MB account, and completely using the 10MB ascribed to the user, what puts this client in the wrong? Theoretically a person could download 1GB of information in 100 seconds with that type of account. But I’m sure that the client in reality only can download at 1MB/s, but doesn’t realize or know that he isn’t getting what he paid for, so it would take him 1000 seconds. The fact that your company is attempting to charge based on a download rate based on the downloads of GBs, is definitely a way of limiting the use of the internet. I truly hope that your push to get this kind of price structure loses most of your business. Such irresponsible business practices would only come from a company who had no regard for the consumer, and puts you in the class of a credit card company who puts their fees on the balance of a users spent money. These practices are despicable. I know my business would never use your service. And I am happy that I don’t have to use you as a business partner for my internet service. I was actually going to push to get your company to our county. I am glad that I have not gone further than a thought about that plan. I am glad that I did not even suggest a company who uses their intelligence to manipulate 90% of their customer base, who don’t really know how the internet or network connectivity really works. I hope your company rethinks it’s business practices. Your company makes plenty of money. No one will catch up to Bill Gates, so stop trying. Your new policy would in effect limit internet usage. People would no longer be able to “stream” anything, because they would have to pay outrageous prices for information transfers that would increase their download rates tremendously. Netflix users, and Amazon users who wished to download their movies for quick viewing would be penalized because of the size of the movie downloads. You are an Internet Service Provider. Your job is to provide a method of connection to the internet, which is a collection of routers linking the continent, and now the globe. This is a blatant attempt to control the flow of information between people. Knowledge should not have any limits placed on it. Thank you for your time.

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