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Sunday, July 6, 2008

9/11 Chronicles : Truth Rising -- Help Spread the Truth!

Another gold star by Alex Jones, and introducing Luke Rudkowski a member of www.wearechange.org , who is a very well spoken young man, who knows his rights, and is not afraid to voice them. This movie makes an awareness of how the people who actually tried to save lives during 9/11 are very sick, and are having a hard time getting taken care of. There are lots of confrontational videos with powerful political candidates who will not say anything because they DO know the truth. Bill Clinton being one of the main ones who is a big propagandist. Watch and see how dumb he is with his responses. He says, "How dare you?", when he knows that it's a person's god given right to ask questions. He is just afraid to answer them, because he knows that the Truth to this issue of the Twin Towers being a controlled demolition has very very high and hard consequences. Larry Silverstein must be held responsible. As well as all the others who helped create and cover this up. It was also interesting to see how people will stand up for people in the wrong. How people tried to get the truthers to be quiet when asking pertinant questions about important issues that are not asked by the mainstream media. This is a must watch video. I've tried several times to upload it here, but have failed everytime, so here is the link to a download that works. Don't forget to digg it, because that lets people know that this is a good file.


Or watch it NOW: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9153741586264750761

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