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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Racing Saturday Night! Daytona 07-05-2008

Daytona is always a fun but exhausting race. It's one where you yell at the TV, and can't quite get why certain moves are made. It's still funny how a Green-White-Checker(GWC) rules the race. The GWC makes almost all 160 laps in effect pointless. There has to be a better way to have a checkered flag that is not thrown under caution, that still gives an opportunity to get a good race finish. Especially at a track that takes at least 1 lap to get up to speed. Dale Jr's performance was great, he was up front most all of the day got the bonus for most laps lead, with only being back there in the Top 10 at the end of the race. It also should be noted that he was 2nd pushing the leader when he wasn't the leader. But alas Daytona is a crapshoot. Especially when the GWC is involved. It's really anyone's game. I was impressed with David Gilliland and his consistentcy with getting to the front, and it was unfortunate that luck played a role in his poor finish. I think Ryan Newman had the worst luck of the night, with a car that looked strong. He got taken out by non-driver Jamie McMurray, and yet he still was able to make it back into the Top10, until getting involved in another wreck including Denny Hamlin. Even though Daytona can be anyones race to lose or win, it is still one of the more exciting tracks on the circuit. Next week Chicagoland, blah, then we'll be off to some fun tracks! Indy, Watkins Glenn!

Jr takes 2nd place in the points, although the points really don't matter now as long as your solidly in the top 12, he needs to start winning so Kyle Busch doesn't take that 60 point advantage into the chase because of the Win Bonus, which I think is a fair game because drivers should be rewarded for making the chase with wins.

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