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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Duke Basketball Preview 2008-2009

Duke, you hear the name and you think success. The excitement for this years basketball squad brings goosebumps. The superb freshman class coming in, with Miles Plumlee being hopefully an assest on the inside at 6'10", 260. With some quickness added with Elliot Williams a 6'4, 180, Guard. Also we have Olek Czyz, 6'7", 240, who was stated as putting on an impressive performance in Durham's Summer leagues were you find pros and college athletes playing together. This is just the Freshman class. We only lost Demarcus Nelson to graduation last year, which brings back a ton of talent. Kyle Singler, Jon Scheyer, Nolan Smith, Lance Thomas, Greg Paulus, Martynus Pocius, Brian Zoubeck ( Its gotta be tough being 7'1", and not hurt something), and I think the standout player of this year is going to be Gerald Henderson. Gerald looked very very good last year, and I think he will play a key role this year keeping the tempo up, and going to the basket. With a 3-point range advantage, I think Duke is coming together with being a Post and Drive advantage too. With the three factors coming together, I think the NCAA's will show the ability and talent that everyone always seems to under rate at Duke. Its understandable that Duke hasn't gotten past the Sweet 16 in some time, but this year I feel the most confident with the talent that Duke possesses this year. In this years preseason rankings Duke was placed #8 in the AP poll, and #5 in the coaches poll. I can't wait to watch some televised games, and feel the excitement of winning! I believe we will find Duke ranked #2 quickly until they beat UNC for the first time, in which they will take the #1 ranking to the NCAAs! LETS GO DUKE!!! There are some out there that don't like Dick Vitale, but I love hearing him announce with his total enthusiasm for College Basketball. When people are going to play Duke, Dickie V's gonna be shouting, "IT's TIME FOR A T.O. BABY, HERE COME THE DUKIES!!!!!!" LETS GO DUKE!!!

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