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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Letter to Brad and Britt, local talk radio hosts on 101.1 WZTK on the Price of Oil

Good Morning Gentlemen,

I think it would behoove you guys more, if you stated the bigger picture. While we consider ourselves winning this "War on Terror", I believe the upper hand has been given to the people who support the terrorists. If you guys are educated, you understand that OPEC plays a large part in determining the "Price" of oil. Look at what OPEC is. OPEC was started in 1949 by Venezuela, in order to converse with other major oil producing countries. The following are OPEC member states: IRAN, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Angolia, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Venezuela. We can critize the oil companies as barons, and gougers all you want, but in reality their statements are true in the fact that their profit margins are in line with other major areas. A barrel of oil is 42 gallons, and at even 100 dollars a barrel that is over 2 dollars a gallon. Don't forget to add in your 75 cents in gas tax. So, to relate this to your topic today, if people want to see the infrastructure of the United States of America fail, what would be the easiest way? For the countries who are members of OPEC, who have a large role in determining the price of oil, it would be to raise the price of oil, so that companies in America would fail, for example the Airline Industry, which is spiraling down to where only 1 or 2 companies can survive. Instead of the airlines directly addressing their own incompetent business practices by raising the cost of the ticket to accomodate their overhead, they would rather nickel and dime, and file bankcruptcy, or rely on the government to bail them out. Flying is a luxury, and it should have a luxury price tag. Bitt's statement of the Skybus plane that was only 4 days old, right before they went bankcrupt, really only proves the fact of how incompetance causes failure in business. If you are hurdling down the road of debt, would you go buy a new car? Not only is the price of gas affecting major companies, but it is affecting every American in respect of costing more to get to work, as well as costing more to eat food. So not only does the increase in the price of oil directly affect major corporations, it affects the common man, and this an indirect attack on America and America's way of Life. I'm sure that Iran and Venezeula have America's best interest at heart when they push for higher oil prices, right? Thank you for your time.

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