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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Letter to John Hagee - 08-21-2008

I want to know why John Hagee so extremely supports a nation who was falsely created under a UN Mandate. The Jews killed Yashua(JESUS), and you support them as a Christian. Do you also support Constantine? Who also skewed the Ten Commandments to say that the Sabbath is Sunday? Are you a man of YHWH(GOD)? I think that you are an imposter. Your false ministries are based on propoganda, and propoganda only. Your faux support of Israel is an obvious violation of YHWH's broken covenant with people in general. You know the truth because you have plenty of time to read the Word of YHWH. The United States has no business in religion. The State of Israel is a government, not a religion. Learn the difference.

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