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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Attempted Post about Israel that Infowars.com REFUSED TO POST 8-26-2008

Remember Israel is a country, not a religion. A country that acheives it’s agendas by violence. We should not be supporting Israel. Israel is not vital to our country’s National Security. A good working relationship with Russia is.

If you don’t believe that Israel pulls the strings on our politician’s, you should watch the following documentary about the Israel Lobby in America called AIPAC, all Lobbying should be ILLEGAL:


If you took the time to read this article, also check out this documentary about Israeli and Palestinian relations:


My Israel and Palestine Solution:

Divide the land in half, give them equal space. Deny Ownership to Jerusalem to all countries, move the United Nations Headquarters there, and build a Wall around it with 12 gates, and don’t let anyone through with weapons. And enforce this decision with a UN Peacekeeping force, and I garuntee only Israel will be fighting, because they think they own it by some old broken covenant that does even apply anymore. Make Jerusalem the religious capital of the world where all religions can come in peace. Even the Vatican might get mad!

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