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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Letter to Congressman Price about the Institute for Homeland Security Solutions :Copied Congressman Brad Miller

Congressman Price,

Thank you for wasting more of the taxpayer's money for a new Institute for Homeland Security. 
As a taxpayer, i'm glad that you are so good at wasting money by creating new federal institute 
that is redudant. It is very dissappointing to me that we have to have a whole building with 
employees to come up with solutions for an overly redundant Agency, Homeland Security, that is totally unneccessary. I am glad that you are for a new bureaucracy, and continue to create 
complexity in government. Cannot Homeland Security come up with its own solutions? Do we not have competant people in this Agency? This is just another example on how people in government just wish to make government bigger. Government is too big as it is. I would rather have a check sent to me for 2 cents, and to have confidence in my government that instead of saying, hey we can spend this money, saying hey we can give this money back to the people because we didn't use it. Creating bureaucracies under the guise of homeland security is a fallacy that you are exuding. What about our National Guard? What about the FBI? What about the CIA? Instead of creating another redundant agency, you should have been working to get these agencies to work together. We the people do know that they are OUR agencies, and they must do what WE say. They work for us, the people, mainly because we pay them with OUR tax money. It is truly dissappointing to continue to read about wasteful spending that our government continues to impose on it's people. And even though I am not in your district, I am sad that a North Carolina representative is helping with the growth of big government.


Paul Michael Owens

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