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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DTTNWO ... Death to the New World Order

This may be the rally cry for the cyber revolution for the Death of the New World Order. Bush Sr introduced us to this term, New World Order, speaking in Congress in the early 90s. Think what you want that a "New World Order" might not be true, but you should never let anything surprise you. But throughout 2008, this term has popped up in global terms with presidents of other Countries (France for example) demanding a new world order, and a global economic order. In an attempt to do some investigating on the subject, there is some validity to a claim of New World Order.  How about the super rich financiers meeting on a regular basis, yearly,  to discuss the happenings of the globe. Thinking about it the 125 people who attend these meetings probably don't rule the world. The Bildebergs are a real entity and can be looked up, but I believe they are all just diplomats. It has to be a much smaller number if not infact a singular digit. And it definitely must be a secret. I had to figure out what the DTTNWO stood for because I kept seeing it in posts on Alex Jones' www.infowars.com website, and I believe that Death to the New World Order is what it stands for. A one world government is not a good idea simply because to give true freedoms, people must decide for themselves what is a good idea or not, or what direction you general area should go. Someone 10000 miles around the world is not going to make that decision for me. But they already are...

If you have come this far, take two hours to watch EndGame, by Alex Jones. He does a good job explaining a lot of things.

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