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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2008 Economic Bailout of Private Corporations SmokeScreen

One of the biggest items of business for the legislative branch to handle is the attempt of the executive branch to forcefully take over spending. If you actually have read the Bill, HR 3997, you will see that what this bill really does is give a lot of power for the Secretary of the Treasury to SPEND YOUR TAX MONEY. Read the bill, it will enlighten you on the true nature of this administration that Congress still refuses to Impeach. The power to Tax and Spend is a sole power given to the legislative branch by the United States Constitution. This is why Bush is so adimate into getting this bill passed into law so quickly, before the real story comes out. Government money should never be used to "Prop up the Market".  There is nothing but propaganda out there. People are upset that they cannot get loans to "buy things" anymore. They cannot upgrade their car, they cannot upgrade their house, they cannot upgrade their TV! This is an outrage! Please take the sarcasm with a grain of salt. We have to get OUR government under control, you must contact your Congressman and let them know it is not their job to protect bad businesses. It is also their job to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States. Giving the Executive Branch Spending Power should never happen. Don't let the facade of an economic crisis blind you. They keep stating that the market will correct itself, just hold on for the bumpy ride, there actually has been lots of money MAKING going on. This bill is more important than a weak attempt of bailing out private corporations for their overspeculation and improper management of funds. It would be VERY improper to give the Executive Spending Privaledges, and any they have appropriated themselves already, its time to reel in. I am more surprised about the Political Science majors aren't speaking up like Economic majors are, stating they wished more people understood economics more. People you need to know your politics more!

No BailOut! Let them Fail! Is the trivial debate conducting a smokescreen for the real issue of more Constitutional Violations being proported by the Administration in the Executive Branch currently. Impeaching Bush and Cheney leaves us with a tediuos job of Impeaching Nancy Peloski. In the order of replacement, she is third. Then do we keep impeaching until we get our next president? That would be an interesting end to a criminal campaign by the elite to create a New World Order.

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