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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Inside the Twin Towers: Discovery Special

If you pay attention to this special, you will witness the propoganda placed in this movie. The biggest propoganda is the fact that they are putting words into a person mouth who passed away during this tradegy. Victor says during this special, that "Al Queada did it, they are terrorists", now during this whole tradegy, one who didn't make it makes a statement that would have been a miracle ephiphany around no one who makes it through the collapse, because these people did not know what really happened. There are also one or two incongruencies in the movie as well. Including the statement that 36 of the 47 inner core columns are severed during the impact of the planes, which this is not the case. Also the manager of the Windows to the World made it down, when it is claimed that there was no way down during the impact of the plane. It is very sad to me that Discovery has become involved in this effort to proport propoganda about the 9-11 tradegies. I am in complete disgust of this special by Discovery Channel, and hope that someone will post very inclusive information opposing the items discussed in this special. You can even look at the testimony of the people who survived, and really feel the compassion that was given by them.  It is too much to think about. The pancake theory is not valid.

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