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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2008 First Presidential Debate without all Parties

Another farce for a Presidential Debate:

First of all this debate did not include all parties running for President. The attitude is that only two parties count, when both these parties only want more tax money from you to spend it on their desires. There is no fiscal responsibility with any party. All parties running for President should be allowed to participate in the debate.


The Economic Question was posed to both candidates: 

Obama is still whitewashing the economic situation. Government protectionism is his MO. It's my job as a government official to take part in your life is the opinion of Obama. Mccain definitely proports the one party government by reiterating that Republicans and Democrats are working together. They work so much together, where is the difference? He also thinks our economy will be fixed if we stop dependance of foreign oil. Obama thinks that intervention is inevitable, which of course would go along with the government in every aspect of your life. Regulations have just fell through the cracks and are not 21st century is the main reason we are in this economic crisis according to Obama. 

Soon the government will require you to hand over your check, they will glean it for anything that they wish to do, and give you the rest. You'll be ok with that... right?

Jim Leher wants to be Oprah and have these candidates sit on a couch and talk with each other. This is a debate not a talk show.

 McCain just believes in just the fundamental belief that America is the greatest country and has the strongest workforce. McCain wants to veto every spending bill if President. 17.2 Billion dollars in earmarks for the fiscal year of 2008. I got that fact from www.cagw.org . According to Obama, Mccain will give a 300 Billion dollar in Tax Cut for the rich. Obama will have a Tax cut for 95% of Americans. According to McCain there were 932 Million dollars in requests by Obama. Obama has on his Senate Website the items he earmarked, and I stopped counting at 150 million and I wasn't even halfway through. McCain also said that there will be 800 Billion dollars in new spending with Obama. Well Congress has already authorized 600 Billion in spending, and lets just wait for the bailout.  Obama states he will close corporate loopholes and fix the broken Health Care system. This Debate is remaining civil. Obama wants to focus on getting the middle class back on track. McCain states there is a 35% Business Tax currently happening and thats why businesses are going overseas. McCain also wants to give a $5000 refundable tax credit. Obama states that if you make less than $250,000 you will not be taxed. He wants to create the structure for a global market. Join the New World Order with Obama. Cutting spending and fixed cost contracts is what McCain is proposing. 15 Billion dollars are given to private insurers. "I love my hands", both candidates love using their hands for anything. There will be a spending freeze because there are 700 billion dollars a year spent overseas says McCain.

Jim Leher only wants to talk about the economy for the first 30 minutes.

McCain says, "No federal government health care." McCain wants to spend your money in other ways, by "adjusting the spending". Going back to the one party government, the spend party. Democrats want to spend on social programs, the Republicans want to spend on "other things". 

The debate turns to the war in Iraq, and war in general. McCain slams Obama on his inexperience on war. Obama states clearly his position on Pakistan. Obama is left handed. The Presidential Candidates are bracelet wearers. Has Obama visited the war zones?Yes he has. 

The Iranian threat , McCain states they are a threat to israel and the region and he doesn't want a second holocaust. He wants a league of democracies in the Middle East. Iran also puts advanced IEDs in Iraq killing our troops. Russia is not helping with the situation with Iran. Obama states the War in Iraq is strengthening Iran and we are a stalwart(strong) ally with israel. We need Russia and China to partcipate, and wants direct talks with Iran without preconditions. Mccain lefthanded. Kissenger states there should be talks without preconditions. But I really don't like Kissinger, he would rather everyone be his butler. In a statement about Russia, Obama states "the fight for Democracy is on". McCain misleading about what happened in Georgia, goto different newsites to gather your own opinion about what happened in South Ossetia. To me it seems like the Russian Peacekeepers were attacked, and Russia has a right to defend its soldiers.  Will there be a 9/11 type of attack again???? McCain says we have a safer nation since 9/11, almost all the 40 ideas that were submitted by the lying cheating 9/11 commision have been done since 9/11. Obama says that there is not enough being done to protect our transit and chemical plants. The biggest threat is nuclear weapons in a suitcase. AL Qeada is in 60 countries. The Root cause for fever for Al-Qeada is in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Obama would like to improve the way we are perceived globally and restore American standards. China is spreading their interests while we are focused on Iraq. Obama's dad was from Kenya, and had a high respect for the US and now the US standing in the world has fallen, and Obama wishes to restore it. McCain was in prison, and when he came back he worked to get everyone home by normalizing relationships with the countries we attacked.

I think this debate gave you small clues on what these guys will really do. NOTHING.

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