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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Letter to Senator Burr about Senate Bill 3202, The Gas Price Reduction Act of 2008

Dear Senator Burr,
Thank you for your service to North Carolina. Thank you as well for your update on the position you are taking on the Gas Price Reduction Act of 2008. I appreciate your candor on this issue. After reading the Bill, that I downloaded from the GPO, I really believe that this bill will do nothing for the average North Carolina Citizen. This bill is representative of everything that is wrong with the Legislative Branch of the United States of America. First, this bill is an amendment to another bill created over 40 years ago. Can the Legislative Branch not come up with some original piece of legislation that would benefit the common American? In this bill the main benefits goto the Federal Government, and corporations who will receive these 250 Million dollar loans. Can the Legislative Branch not write a piece of legislation that the common American can read an understand without retaining a lawyer? What is the purpose of writing such complex pieces? When will the Legislative Branch start representing the people of America, and not its own agenda and corporate agendas? The first step to correct our situation is to fully support Energy Independance. I understand that, and am very for excercises that will move
us to energy Independance. I think that drilling offshore will affect prices now based on speculation. But it will not help us in the long term simply because we will not produce 13 million barrels a day, which is the current import rate for our 20 million barrels a day consumption. I am very pleased to see that you take into serious consideration that the State is the
most important part of this country. I hope that the State of North Carolina is the sole most important item that you consider when you look at bills period. The Federal Government is overstepping it's constitutional boundaries continuously, and I applaud your effort to place North Carolina in front of the wishes of the Federal Government. Our Federal Government
has been increasing it's chokehold on the Citizens of America since the late 1860s. After 140 years of Federal regulation, there has to be some reverse course action. One of the biggest issues I take with S3202 is the fact that a majority of the language in the bill is focused on finances. Who will get what part of what money that could be possibly made off of potential revenue of potential sales. This IS what Washington cares about the most, and it really is becoming disheartening to most people that they cannot depend on their representatives to represent them in what they desire the most: to hang on to as much of the money as they earn as they can. I can totally agree with you when you state that it is very unacceptable for Congress to take off the month of August as great crisises face the United States of America. Not only the extreme Economic Crisis that everyone except those whose household income is above $150,000 a year are experiencing, but the Foreign Crisises that we face with the War on Iraq, and the sudden aggressive posture that Russia is beginning to show. These are serious issues that must be addressed immediately by our respresentative government. Russia is a country that has the capability of putting America in the position of the Indians. Because after a Nuclear Assault from Russia anyone can claim our land after the radiation has been depeleted enough in 20 years or more. But, back to the subject of S3202. This bill will not help our current economic crisis in the short-term. It will only strengthen the Federal Government in receiving funds from any
potential future development of our current system of retrieving resources used for energy. It also allocates money to people who want to "develop" alternative energy. Alternative Energy has already been developed. We don't need to give them more money. What we need to focus on is the inability to open new oil refineries, and to stop the chokehold a small few have on
the oil market. I thank you for continuing to work while everyone else thinks they can goto Hawaii and surf, while most of the working class people are still struggling financially.


Paul Michael Owens

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