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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Duke Basketball 2008-2009

The Duke Blue Devils finished out the season in the Sweet 16 of the National Championship. They were 30-7 giving Coach K more wins and gets him that much closer to be the winningest coach in College Basketball History. Bobby Knight is the current record holder with 906. It's unfortunate the way the season ended on the worst game of their season shooting less than 30%. Yes the defense of Villanova was good, but Duke could just not buy a basket. There were many wide open shots that just did not go in. Kyle Singler had a wide-open shot in the corner and it went 2/3rds of the way in and bounced out! I still stand by my premise that Coach should have played his freshman team a little more. This is evident with the tremendous explosion of Elliot Williams who continues to demonstrate his capabilities with that awesome dunk against Nova. This kid is going to be dangerous once he learns more control. I was disappointed in not being able to see Olek Czyz at all this year, and I think if Coach is not going to play freshman, he should not get such a large class. These kids can play, the NBA players they played against in the preseason attested to that. Next year is a big senior year, with Henderson, Scheyer, Zoubek, and Thomas all going to be seniors. What I saw from Plumlee this year, I think with a little more self-control he will be a factor. I think Kyle Singler is definitely only going to get tougher next year, and Duke will be making it just a little further in the tournament. My pick is always Duke to win it all, and each year they get closer and closer to making that accomplishment real. Why do you think Coach K wins back to back Championships? Because he knows how to recruit! I am proud of the guys in their effort this year, and am excited about next year! GO DUKE!

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