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Monday, April 27, 2009

April 26, 2009 - Talladega: Drivers have Harsh words for NASCAR.

This race was definitely exciting to watch. The cookie cutter of all cookies, Talladega. Cookie Cutters suck! The biggest question asked after the race was: I wonder how the cars will be kept on the ground? This was the main concern for Ryan Newman and Dale Junior. Junior pounded the media with harsh criticism of their marketing tactics towards "The Big One". He agreed with Ryan Newman's excellent thrashing of NASCAR for their effort in keeping these cars on the ground, and reminded NASCAR about the fans in the grandstands. 8 Fans were injured from debris from the crash. Carl Edwards stated that someone will get killed if this continues. Carl is right, what if that car kept going up? I think there would be more than 8 fatalities, if not a hundred. Carl Edwards said he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he went into the grandstands. What would be the correction needed to rectify this situation? A bigger wing? I don't directly know, but I would start in a wind tunnel. Ryan thanked Junior for keeping his word in helping him on the restart. Dale thought that he and Ryan played their hand a little too early. Even though the crash at the beginning put a sour note on the race, it was overall an exciting race. Drivers were getting up to 207MPH, thanks to the FoxTracker, who knows how fast they can go? It was great to see the #88 Team back up front, they were leading and pushing the leader, or taking the lead the whole race, Great Job Team! Let's go Racing Boys! Richmond under the lights! Congrats to Keselowski on his first win!

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