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Liberty's Watch
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Silent Sun

The Sun has been very silent for the past 6 months with one small sunspot that lasted for 3 days in the month of April. This is according to NASA and according to NOAA. There is no sunspot activity as of today April 26,2009. This is a grand phenomenom that is occuring with little media attention. Al "The Crook" Gore has been testifying in front of Congress about Global Warming. This farce is definitely getting pushed to the forefront. There has been talk of global cooling, and not global warming, as the liar Al Gore is attempting to push. Al Gore only wants to implement the Carbon Tax, a Global Tax on an ELEMENT. When the ELEMENTS are taxed, what is left? Are we going to wait for a "Photon Tax"?!? Wake up! It was warmer in the 1500s than it is today. Look it up. Get to know the temperature of the Earth. If you watch it for any length of time you will understand that the temperature of the Earth is directly related to the distance of the Earth to the Sun, and the activity on the Sun. Not Carbon. We should understand Carbon reactions as to better understand how they react in all situations. It seems as if carbon is the one of the building blocks of life. To effectively continue life, you must know what gives life its push to the front.

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